TL;DR version: tech journalist for over 25 years focusing on computing, gadgets, home cinema and gaming – also covering the IT, Internet and telecoms industries. Specializing in market analysis, product reviewing, commentary, special features, shopping guides. Worked in practically all types of media, from newspapers and magazines to TV and the Web, as a freelancer or regular editor.

Also: business consultant for more than 15 years, press officer for 7, pro translator for 5 working mainly for Greek/multinational companies as a freelancer, project manager for more than a decade on corporate sites to content portals to Web services to mobile apps.

Longform version (extra bits of info included): this page.

Currently general manager of Athinorama Digital / editor of Athinorama Tech / curator of Farkonas.gr / project manager of great things not to be named (yet).

Swiss army knife/team player, obsessive with details/aware of deadlines, always looking for the next cool thing to help happen.