The obligatory “Hello World” post

Can’t have a new presence on the Internet without a post about it, yes? Coders call it a “Hello World” message whenever they achieve to either reach fully functional state of something they’re building or, well, hack into a system and tell it what to do on a whim. For this here post is that post, so… “Hello World”. Didn’t even have to hack WordPress to do it!

These words are written a few nights after I decided to leave the company and newspaper that made me the journalist I am – Eleutherotypia, after 15 years no less – in order to move on. I have no idea what to expect from my next pursuit at Liberis Publications (the job description does not require journalistic skills – who would have thought?), but hey. After all this time and at this point, leaping forward into a mist is kind of preferable to just going around in circles in a swamp.

Reporting will go on elsewhere of course – but, for now, project management it is then. Off to different things. Over and out.

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